Regional Brain Institute is dedicated to transforming healthcare by providing right-sized virtual care services where they are needed most, ranging from one-half day each month to 24/7/365 coverage and service line administration.

Telestroke & Tele-NeuroEmergency

RBI’s Telestroke & Tele-NeuroEmergency Program is aimed to: (i) provide time-sensitive, lifesaving interventions during an acute stroke event to reduce mortality and morbidity rates; (ii) reduce unnecessary stroke patient transfers from originating sites (i.e., the patient’s location) through the provision of telestroke services to patients at originating sites; and (iii) preserve bed capacity and continuity of localized patient care benefiting originating sites.

RBI’s Telestroke & Tele-NeuroEmergency services are consultation services provided virtually via the use of audio and visual equipment by our Team, as may be required for the effective and efficient treatment of patients presenting to an originating-site hospital’s emergency room or (potentially) the hospital’s inpatients exhibiting stroke symptoms. The “Telestroke” portion of these services include call coverage, acute stroke consults, subacute stroke consults, and follow-up stroke consults. The “Tele-NeuroEmergency” portion of the services includes acute-care and follow-up consultations for patients exhibiting symptoms of traumatic brain injury, seizures, spinal cord injury, and other critical neurologic illness.

Inpatient Tele-Neurology Rounding

RBI’s Inpatient Tele-Neurology Rounding Program brings general neurology consultation services to small and mid-market communities through the use of telemedicine, as may be required for the effective and efficient treatment of routine, non-emergent neurological consults for admitted patients (e.g., consultation services for the treatment of patients exhibiting symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, other non-critical neurological disorders, and brain injury after cardiac arrest).

RBI partners with its client hospitals to carefully craft the appropriate coverage schedule and availability of board certified neurologists, allowing admitted patients to receive specialty care on a daily basis.

Tele-Neurology Outpatient Clinic

The services RBI offers through its Tele-Neurology Outpatient Clinic Program are aligned with the RBI enterprise mission to create availability of comprehensive and subspecialty neurological services for small and mid-market communities—patient specialty care closer to home.  RBI knows it can be quite challenging for health systems and clinics within these communities to staff on-site neurologists for outpatient clinic services or provide neurological care at all. RBI takes pride in delivering a distinguished patient-care experience similar to what is provided through on-site clinics consultation, while leveraging the benefits of telemedicine (e.g., increased access and time/cost savings).  RBI carefully selects its affiliation partners, and RBI’s Tele-Neurology Outpatient Clinic service can be optimized with the right partner by (i) serving as a regional draw from primary and specialty clinics, (ii) acting as a liaison for inpatient discharge planning (including coordination inpatient/outpatient tests, images, etc.), and (iii) serving as an integrated network with other specialty clinics and programs to enhance patient continuum of care.